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The Widely Recognized Kidney Transplant Surgeon In Ghaziabad 

Summary:  In India, the cost of a kidney transplant is less compared to the countries of the west. The patient gets the best of treatment from the world-class surgeons in this area of medical science. Kidneys are precious organs and one can get the best surgeon for a kidney transplant in Ghaziabad. Dr. Upwan Chauhan is among the leading doctors in this area of medical science with a goal to help public selflessly. 


Kidney Transplant Living Donor

When the kidneys are diseased, they lose the capacity to function and this is called the end-stage renal disease [ESRD] or in other words the kidney failure. One of the effective treatments in such a case is hemodialysis. This is a mechanical process in which there is blood cleaning because of waste products. Another one is the peritoneal dialysis. In this, the toxins are eradicated by the passage of chemical solutions through the abdomen. The next is a kidney transplant. If the person is having the end-stage kidney issues, he can opt for the kidney transplant surgeon in Ghaziabad in case he is living in the Delhi NCR region. 


Kidneys For Transplantation

The kidneys used for the transplant to the patient who is at the end stage of kidney problem are provided by the living donor or the deceased person who is also called the cadaver donor. When the living donor provides the kidney, his other kidney becomes bigger so that it can do the work of two kidneys at the same time. Even if the operation is done by the best surgeon for the kidney transplant, there can still be a chance of complication in the patient if it is a major operation. The donors of the kidney have the same good life span as they had when they were having two functional kidneys. 

Kidney Donation Can Be Done By A Healthy Person

A healthy person can donate a kidney in a safe manner if he wills. If he is excellent in health and accepts to provide, he can be a living donor. In this case, the insurance of the recipient will cover the entire cost factor for the donor. This includes diagnostic tests as well as hospitalization. As far as the living and travel expenses are there, these are not covered. Before the person goes for the process of donating,  he can consult Dr Upwan Chauhan who is the best surgeon for a kidney transplant so that he may not go in a state of repentance later just for the money he is being provided for donating the kidney. All the important things related will be discussed with the donor at the time of transplant evaluation. Donor or receiver can fix prior appointments with us.


Potential Living Donor

The potential donor will have an evaluation discussing the possibility of donation of the organ. Test for the compatibility of donor and receiver will be done.