kidney stone treatment

Best Kidney Stone Treatment in Agra and successful wellness 

At our hospital, Dr. Vijay Kumar Tyagi who is an expert surgeon with degrees of MBBS, MS and MCH[ urology] and a senior consultant, is available for the treatment of kidney stones. There are some kidney stones that are too small and can come out through urination but the person may feel pain because of the small kidney stones also. The pain because of a small kidney stone lasts for some days and then immediately disappears after the passage of the stone. If the kidney stone is bigger than normal to be passed through a natural passage [six to seven mm or bigger], then there is need of the treatment and our expert medical specialists make the kidney stone treatment in Agra quite easy.

Procedures at our hospital for kidney stone Treatment removal

At our hospital, our expert doctors give the extracorporeal shock wave therapy also called ESWL in short form. 
Ureteroscopy treatment is available at our hospital
We also give percutaneous nephrolithotomy [PCNL]
Our leading doctors associated with us in the area of urology and nephrology also do the open surgery for the treatment of kidney stones.
At our hospital, the decision regarding the type of treatment depends upon the stone location and the size. 

PCNL [percutaneous nephrolithotomy]

At our hospital in Agra, we give a surgical treatment called PCNL and this is perfect for the removal of the kidney stones. If these are large stones or of there are problems related to the anatomy in the urinary tract. By this type of treatment, the patient shows exceptional performance as far as the recovery is concerned. The OCDULS can give the enhanced procedural efficacy and fast fragmentation. 


Dr Vijay Kumar Tyagi is an expert in retrograde intrarenal surgery and in this; the procedure is performed in the kidney. This is done with the help of a viewing tube called fiberoptic endoscope. In this procedure, it is placed through the urinary opening into bladder and after that through ureter into the urine collecting part of kidney. The stone, after seen through the scope, is crushed by anprobe or it is also evaporated with the help of a laser probe or grabbed by tiny foceps etc. The specialists at our hospital perform RIRS. This procedure is generally done under spinal or general anaesthesia. This procedure has a benefit over the open surgery because there is a fast solution to the problem and there is eradication of pain for longer periods. The recovery is quite fast in this case. 


Our expert doctors do the Ureteroscopy procedure by the help of ureteroscope and this is like cystoscope. This is an instrument to examine what is inside urinary tract. This instrument sees beyond bladder into ureters. Some of these instruments are like a long straw. Some are firm and rigid. 

At our hospital in Agra, the treatments are successful and patient leaves happily.